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Keeping Teeth and Gums healthy

A clean tooth does not get ill. Cavities and gum diseases can be prevented if the bacterial film is removed regularly. This biofilm is removed completely, even in hard-to-reach crevices, with the use of very fine instruments for cleaning. Discolorations of the teeth disappear. Polishing the surface of the teeth makes daily cleaning easier.

Clean, smooth teeth and fresh breath not only look and feel fantastic but also ensure a healthy mouth. To make sure that this condition remains as long as possible, our dental hygienists will show you the most effective tools and techniques for your daily oral hygiene.

To avoid enabling newly developed colonies of bacteria to stealthily settle into hard-to-reach places, you should have your teeth professionally cleaned in regular intervals.

Andrea Noetzel, Marianne Kimpel and Paulina Nita are happy to help. This aftercare is especially important after an extensive dental treatment or gum therapy.

Our Recall-Program will remind you of when it is time. We are happy to inform you per e-mail, sms, regular mail or a personal phone call - whichever you prefer.