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Dr. Dirk Müller
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The dentists in Wiesbaden would like to welcome you to the “Zahnärzte am Kurhaus” Dental Practice

We, the Zahnärzte in Wiesbaden, always want you to leave our dental practice with a smile and with the feeling that you are being well looked after and well advised at all times. Therefore, our practice consists of an experienced, specialized and international team. You can learn more about our specialties, our doctors and the equipment in our practice here.

Dentistry to the highest standards

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Same Day Dental Implants

A special solution on only 4 implants

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Photo of Parodontology.


Periodontal treatment is indicated when there is inflammation of the periodontium. This includes gum treatment …


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Photo of Bleaching.


Bleaching is a suitable method for a radiant smile and whiter teeth. In the dental practice, you can …


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Picture of the pediatric dentist.

Pediatric dentistry

Beautiful, healthy teeth should be preserved for life. In order to be able to carry out even complex treatments …


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Mehr zum Knochenaufbau.

Bone augumentation

Lost bone can be rebuilt in favourable cases. The resulting vertical …


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Bild zum Sinuslift.


In the posterior region of the upper jaw, an excessively flat jawbone can be corrected by reducing the size of the neighbouring …


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Photo of Endodontics


Your teeth should last a lifetime. Endodontics treats the diseases of the inside of the teeth …


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Dentist pictogram

Aesthetic dental care

The aesthetic care of the teeth is the actual goal of the treatment. A variety of modern techniques are available for the implementation.


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Endodontics at our Practice.

Endodontic treatment

Endodontic treatment can be performed in one or more sessions.


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