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Implantology - artificial roots for strong new teeth

Modern implantology was founded in the twentieth century, during the sixties. Since then, techniques and materials have been perfected. Countless scientific studies have confirmed its unimpeded success and duration. Our office has been doing implantations on a regular basis since 1990, as well.  

Implants are inserted into the jaw bone and take the place of the natural root. They are created from materials which are well-tolerated by the body. Together, the bone and the implant merge into a natural, lastingly stable combination.

Implants are useable in various ways. They form a secure and stable base for artificial teeth. A crown augments the artificial root into a new, complete tooth. Implants can be a base for a bridge or the anchor for removable dentures. Also, in orthodontics, implants help to move teeth more easily or to improve the position of the teeth.

Teeth which are supported by implants stay securely in place while speaking or eating. Thanks to the substitute tooth on the implant, you get the appearance, the feeling and the function very much like those inherent in natural teeth. Because of the improved aesthetics and the feeling of security in all circumstances, the quality of life is greatly enhanced.