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Our Team

Our team of specialized dentists, hygienists, dental technicians and assistents work closely together to offer you the state-of-the-art treatment and quality, even for demanding complex cases. A warm comfortable atmosphere will invite you to relax before and while you are treated. Sedation or full anasthesia is available as well as modern diagnostic or therapeutic instruments to increase comfort and treatment quality. All doctors wear high-maginification loops or use a high resolution microscope. X-Ray-free Caries Diganostic with DIAGNOCAM, 3-D Computer-Tomography, ARCUSdigma touchfree TMJ-analysis and more tools help us daily to optimize diagnose and treatment outcome.


The specialized doctors work closely together and are taking care of all your dental wishes or problems. "My dentist in Wiesbaden" is committed to prividing the best possible dental care for all ages, Understanding that everyone is different we treat each patient´s needs and desires as individuality as they are.


Our Hygienist-Team with Andrea Noetzel, Marianne Kimpel und Paulina Nita help you to keep teeth and gums healthy with exceptional care and gentle touch.

Dental lab "Atelier für Zahntechnik"

Your smile leaves a lasting impression, and may be your most important feature, Aesthtetic full ceramic crowns, insdistinguishable from natural teeth, are created in our "Atelier für Zahntechnik". Our artistic dental technicians Judith Dyballa und Sven Wiesegart create porelain solutions regarding all your wishes to improve your smile.

Administrative Staff

The front desk staff with Andrea Nicolai, Carola Zerbe and Julia Lüttkopf want to make you feel welcome,help you find appointments and treatments that are perfect to you!

Simone Zimmerling helps you to answer any questions regarding your dental insurance.