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Surgical Microscope

We can only do a good job on what we can see! A milestone in the development of root canal treatment was the introduction of the microscope. Since that time, tooth structures can be enlarged up to 25 percent and can actually be seen and not only felt.

Zeiss endodontic microscope

Zeiss endodontic microscope

With the further development of endodontic instruments and appliances, based on the treatment with miscroscopes, we can finally perform even very complicated operations. Previously hidden crevices and canals can now be seen and looked into, often up to the tip of the root.

Individual canal forms, small perforations and deviations become visible. Consequently, the success-quota of root canal treatment has increased measurably.

In order to be this successful in the treatment of endodontics, it is absolutely necessary to have extensive special equipment including a surgical microscope, continuous education of the dentist, encompassing many years, as well as his extensive experience in the field