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Course of Treatment

The treatment can take place in one or several sittings. A clamping rubber is pulled over the tooth to keep saliva and bacteria from entering the interior. The tooth is opened to allow entrance to the root canals. All canals must be found to guarantee the success of the surgery. For this, the miscroscope is the most important aid.

Infected Pulp


The length of the canals is then measured electronically and radiologically in order to treat the entire interior of the tooth without irritating the surrounding bone. Cleaning the root canals is carried out with the help of ingenious, complimentary instruments. These level down the walls of the canals in a gentle and controlled manner.

Desinfectant solutions support the cleaning. As a filling, an elastic natural india rubber (guttapercha) is used. It is warm when filled into the root canal and adjusts itself to the anatomy of the canal and fills empty cavities and side-canals. By densely filling the canal system, a renewed settling of bacteria, with resulting infections, can be avoided.

Once the cause of the infection has been removed, the symptoms disappear quickly in most cases. Even the disintegration of bone around the tip of the root disappears.