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Injuries to teeth - What to do?

Injuries to teeth are no rarety.

55% of all children and adolescents have suffered at least one dental trauma by the time they reach the age of eighteen.

What is important here are preventative concepts (for example,sports protection) and the right strategy for first aid at the scene of the accident.

This is the right procedure:

In order to preserve a knocked-out tooth, it should be saved, within the first 5-20 minutes, in a container conceived for that purpose (for example Dentosafe).

This box contains an organ-transplant medium with a ph-dependent color indicator. When there is a strong bacterial content, it will indicate contamination; through a color change in the nutrient solution.

With this method, fibers of the tooth can be kept alive until it can be replanted.

It is possible to keep a tooth in this solution up to 24 hours.

In comparison to permanent teeth, milk teeth, which have been knocked-out, are not replanted.

It is important to make sure the injured person is protected against tetanus.

If it is a matter of a chipped tooth, it is important to look for fragments, however small they might be, at the scene of the accident. Ideally, these should also be placed in a Dentosafe

If such a box is not available, please note the following:

The tooths surface should not be allowed to dry out. It must be kept moist. The surface must not be touched or disinfected.