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Prophylactics, Cleaning

Cavities and Parodontitis are one of the most common diseases in the oral cavity. Good oral hygiene and good nourishment contribute greatly to keeping it healthy. Unfortunately, very often these steps are not sufficient to keep teeth and gums consistently healthy.

The professional cleaning will be performed by your dental hygienists, Andrea Noetzel, Marianne Kimpel or Paulina Nita.This encompasses a thorough cleaning of the teeth and an assessment of the individual oral-hygiene and gum-situation.

The type and the scope of the professional cleaning is individually determined for each patient.

The length and frequency of a professional cleaning depends upon the individual oral-hygiene- situation and the previously determined risk of contracting cavities and periodontitis. Normally, Intervals of four to six months between cleanings are common.

Cleaning takes place using very fine but very effective hand- and ultrasonic instruments.With the help of these instruments, hard and soft plaque even in hard-to-reach places and underneath the gumline, is removed very carefully.

With the concluding polishing with a fluoride-containing paste, the surface of your teeth becomes clean and sparkling. This also makes it harder for new plaque to form.

The application of fluoride-containing solutions or laquers insures an additional protective coating and is able to reduce the sensitivity of teeth.

Your dental hygienist is happy to advise you as to which toothbrushes and other dental aids are the most effective for cleaning your teeth.

A large assortment, consisting of toothpastes, toothbrushes, dental floss, interdental brushes, and tongue-cleansers is available.

You will also receive information about the different ways of using fluoride at home.

Our dental hygienists are happy to be of assistance. We are happy to be of service for any additional questions. Just call or write us an e-mail.