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Course of Treatment

If an ailment is discovered, its extent is thoroughly examined. Two-or three-dimensional X-rays (DVT) show the state of decomposition and also examine thard-to-reach places which are not accessible within the scope of a regular examination. The treatment is performed by a team. Its goal, as far as possible, is the complete removal of all plaque, over, as well as under, the gumline. The optimum technique for oral hygiene as well as the necessary dental aids will be discussed.

In our vernacular, we speak about the following phases of treatment:

Initial-or Hygienephase: Removal of plaque, perfecting oral hygiene.

Reevaluation: The healing process is checked.

Corrective Phase: The teeth or tooth surfaces which remain diseased, due to their being in mainly hard-to-reach areas, will then be treated with specific techniques.

After care: This is actually the most important part of the treatment. Permanent good health is only possible through optimum oral hygiene and regular assistance from our dental team. We would be happy to offer you our recall service.