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Building up bone

In positive cases, lost bone can be rebuilt. Vertical bone-pockets can be filled surgically with a material substituting bone and covered with a membrane. They can also be treated with a enamel-matrix-protein (Emdogain). These methods are recommended particularly for teeth which are especially important, strategically.

Building up gums

Microsurgical techniques are able to reconstruct receding gums (recession) and the resulting exposed dentine. One requisite for this is freedom from infection and unimpaired bone. With the aid of substitute material for connective tissue or one's own connective tissue, taken from the palate, gums can be graphically rebuilt.

Thickening gums

Fragile, thin gums often tend to recede. If crowns or implants are to be constructed, strengthening the gums with the help of connective tissue or substitute materials is advantageous. The risk of the appearance of dark rings around crowns will be definitely reduced. In more complicated procedures, healing is improved when the layer of connective tissue is fortified.

Broadening the attached gingiva

Not only the thickness but also the width of the attched gingiva is genetically very diverse. Having sufficient width in this robust soft tissue makes it remarkably easier to clean and also reduces the risk of infection as well as the tendency to recede.