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Besides a general medical examination, an accurate dental diagnosis is the basis for successful treatment. Not only previously unrecognized diabetes but also caries, infections of teeth or gums and dysfunctions due to a "faulty bite" can minimize the chances of success.

Digital Volume Tomography (DVT)

Digital Volume Tomography (DVT)

Three-dimensional x-rays, with a digital volume-tomogram   (DVT) make it possible to measure the existing bone exactly. With the aid of modern computer programs, the optimal position for the implant and the subsequent form of the crown can be simulated.


The implants, which are formed like screws, are then anchored into the bone in the desired position. After a few months, they grow securely into the jaw bone.

As planned, these artificial roots are now ready to be utilized for the provisions.

Of course you can "sleep through" all surgical procedures with the help of an anesthesiologis.