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Missing Bone

The prerequisite for securely and lastingly anchoring artificial roots into the jaw bone is sufficient bone in this area. Unfortunately, teeth are often lost after a gum infection and strong bone recession. Additionally, during each healing process which follows the extraction of a tooth, there is also loss of bone. Consequently, the required volume of bone is often unavailable.

This missing bone can be reconstructed (augmented) with different techniques. Sometimes this procedure can take place parallel to the insertion of implants. In those cases a second surgical procedure is unnecessary.

Building up bone with the use of a membrane

To rebuild themselves, our bones need more time than the soft tissue does. To build new bone, it is covered, in its growth phases, with a membrane to protected it from being invaded by soft tissue. This growth phase encompassed a few months. A material substituting bone or one's own bone can support the build-up additionally.

knochenaufbau membran

Sinuslift - building up bone in the antrum (sinus cavity)


In the sides of the upper jaw, it is possible to correct a too-flat jawbone by decreasing the adjacent sinus cavity. By means of this proven method, it is possible to loosen the mucuous membrane from its base and to relocate it to the top. The tent-shaped cavity is then filled with a bone substitute and stabilized. Covered with a membrane, stable bone grows in in a few months.