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Composite Fillings

Individual Color- and Layering Technique

The choice of the fitting treatment for a carious tooth depends mainly on the size of the defect. The quality of a restoration depends on correctly choosing the indicated materials and correctly preparing and processing them.

For small to medium cavities in the front- and side areals, we use composite fillings.

This treatment can take place in one sitting and does not require the involvement of a dental lab. A composite is a synthetic substance consisting of up to 80% miniscule ceramic, glass and quartz particles. It has a higher stability than the usual synthetic fillings.

After cleaning the tooth and carefully removing all caries, this material is packed-in, using the adhesive-technique. This is a gap-free, micromechanical anchoring.

Treatment of front teeth

Small and even larger defects can be treated with composites. By rebuilding the affected tooth using the technique of layering, a true-to-nature reconstruction is possible.

With this method, defects or caries can be repaired invisibly.

Treatment of side teeth

Smaller to medium defects in the area of the small and large molars can be treated with composites. This includes the removal of carious defects on the occlusal surfaces as well as smaller defects which may appear in the interdental spaces.

If there are larger defects, they should be treated with so-called inlays or partial crowns