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Treatment of caries: caries diagnostic, free of x-rays

As part of our caries treatment, we offer you our newest service. As of today, we examine your teeth with the newest technology for diagnosing caries. This modern technology enables us to recognize caries very easily and without pain, gently and much sooner than with other methods - and completely without x-rays.

Strahlungsfreie Kariesdiagnostik

Gentle diagnostic - prior to removing caries

The principle is easy: Before removing caries, we examine the tooth with a so-called DIAGNOcam with a normal light. With this, carious areas are visible as dark shadows. The tooth is used like a lighting wire. An integral video camera catches the light and casts it onto a screen, live. You, as a patient, can also see the result. And all without the use of x-rays. Consequently, the photos can be retaken as often as necessary.

When children have caries

When diagnosed early, caries can be removed gently and without pain. The healthy tooth substance can be saved, which is especially important when it concerns children.

Did you know?

Similar to an iceberg, 90% of caries are hidden beneath the surface. The tooth is destroyed from the interior. Often, no defect is recognizable on the outside. In order to recognize caries early on, a mechanical examination does not suffice. Therefore, the use of a DIAGNOcam is an effective and protective alternative. In addition, the DIAGNOcam enables us to save diagnostic photos of your teeth and to compare them with those taken at subsequent preventative medical checkups. Herewith, we can recognize changes early on. As many photos as needed can be taken without x-rays.