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Treatment according to your wishes and according to method

Your wishes are what is most important. Nevertheless, the way to your goal is determined by your individual prerequisites. Therefore, a complete and careful examination always marks the beginning of your reatment. These days, a consultation with your general practitioner and/or specialists may also be part of the picture: The treatment can then be planned, chronologically and financially.

We can plan the course of treatment together: To make the best use of your time, we can merge certain steps. On the other hand, the treatment can also be divided into several smaller and shorter single sessions. Simply choose, what is best for you and your schedule


We often start by eliminating the pain and clearing up the infection. Part of this, is a thorough and professional cleaning (see Prophylactics). Infections of the gums will be treated with gentle methods (Paradontics). Infections of the interior of the tooth (Pulp) can be successfully treated, these days, with the help of a microscope (Endodontics).

Missing teeth can reliably be restored with artificial roots (Implantology) and crowns created by dental technology.

Aesthetic Dentistry has considerably increased it's spectrum of treatment in the past years through the use of minimally invasive methods which are also very protective of the tooth's substance.

For our „Little Ones“ we offer special treatments so they can also can feel as comfortable as possible.

It would be our pleasure to look after you.

In addition to annual examinations, you will be informed regularly when a professional cleaning is due. This insures longevity.