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The team of specialized doctors, hygienists, dental technicians and our staff works closely together to solve dental problems satisfy your wishes. We offer a warm stylistic ambience as well as state-of-the-art equipment like 3D-Computer-tomographies, x-ray-free caries diagnosis, computerized joint diagnostics and many more.


  • Dr. Dirk Müller, implantology and periodontology
  • Zä. Svenja Hinterthan, pediatric dentistry and restorative dentistry
  • Dr. Andreas Sebus, microscopic endodontics
  • Zä. Sarah Herrmann, general dentistry


  • Marianne Kimpel
  • Paulina Nita
  • Andrea Noetzel

Dental Lab "Atelier für Zahntechnik"

  • Judith Dyballa
  • Sven Wiesegart


  • Julia Lüttkopf, appointments coordination of your treatment
  • Andrea Nicolai, appointments coordination of your treatment
  • Carola Zerbe, appointments coordination of your treatment
  • Simone Zimmerling, all questions around insurance
  • Beate Pakulat, accounting

Assistent team

  • Elza Beganovic
  • Sabine Fragkedakis
  • Mari Odischo
  • Kinga Posadzy
  • Monira Saied
  • Amra Sinanovic

Our doctor for general anesthesia