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Advantages of Implants

In our dental practice Zahnärzte am Kurhaus in Wiesbaden we will inform you about the advantages of implants in comparison to conventional dentures. A wide variety of implant types is available in order to find perfect solutions for your individual medical findings.

Implants with Special Characteristics

Implants are recognised as being biocompatible, therefore they don't cause any defensive reaction of the body. Furthermore they are advantageous concerning their load capacity and extreme durability.

A Variety of Implant Systems

On one handand under special circumstances immediate implantations are possible after the loss of teeth. On the other hand implantologists can carry out the implantation after the healing process is completed (delayed implantation).

Preserving Healthy Tooth Structure

A major advantage of implants is that implantologists can avoid the grinding of the neighboring teeth. The lost tooth is replaced by an implant-supported tooth with adequate restoration whereby the healthy tooth structure of adjacent teeth isn't distructed.

Enhancement of Security and Well-Being

Thanks to the implant-supported teeth you will be able to eat, bite, talk and laugh just as well as with your natural teeth.

Implants Stabilize Prostheses and Periodontally Damaged Tooth Systems

Furthermore implants stabilize partial and full prosthesis. Even tooth systems which are already periodontally damaged can be supported by implants after parodontal treatment.

Taking Strain of Your Own Teeth

In a tooth system which shows large gaps the remaining teeth have to bear the chewing load. There might be an overload so that the healthy tooth structure will be damaged.

In this case your implantologist can insert several implants with adequate prostheses in order to close the gaps. This helps to load all the teeth in a regular way.

Preservation of Bone

The natural loss of bone which occurs after tooth loss or through the additional strain of a prosthesis is limited or even stopped by the use of implants. The jaw bone is stimulated by the chewing pressure and thermal stimuli thanks to the implant which reduces the bone loss effectively.

Restoration of Esthetics

Implants are not only used to restore functionality. They have postive effects on your appearance, mainly your features and your natural profile.